Uploading Files With Dreamweaver


For www.gmu.edu or mason.gmu.edu


IMPORTANT: Fix Server Upload Permissions

The default setting for newly uploaded files is that they are only readable by the user who uploaded them. This results in a “Forbidden” error when the files are viewed through a web browser.┬áIn order to access them, you have to make them world readable.

Follow this tutorial to adjust this setting:

Setup a Site in Dreamweaver CS5

  1. Open up Dreamweaver, and go to Site > New Site…
  2. In the site setup window Site is selected
    1. Enter a “Site name” (this can be anything).
    2. Click the folder icon on the right of “Local root folder”, and select the folder on your hard drive that corresponds to your web site files.
  3. On the left hand side select Servers
    1. Click the plus on the bottom left of the server panel
    2. Server Name: Mason
      • Connect using: choose SFTP from the dropdown list
      • SFTP Address: mason.gmu.edu
      • Username: netid (use your netid here, this does not include @gmu.edu)
      • Password: enter your patriotpass password, if you are using a private computer you may check safe (this is NOT recommended for public computers)
      • Root Directory: /usr/local/htdocs/your_directory_path
        (Replace your_directory_path appropriately. For instance, if your site is located at www.gmu.edu/departments/english, your_directory_path would be departments/english)
        These root directory instructions do NOT apply to personal sites http://mason.gmu.edu/~userid – these connections automatically default to your home directory so you may leave the directory path blank. Be sure to upload your files into a public_html folder and not directly into your home directory or else they will not appear online.
      • Click “Save”
  4. This will bring you back to the site setup for your site, hit save again.

You should now have a Files palette that shows your local web site files. If you ever open Dreamweaver and the Files palette isn’t there, it can be accessed by going to Window > Files.

Uploading Files

Dreamweaver Screen Capture

Dreamweaver Files Palette

  1. In the Files palette, click the “Expand Palette” icon highlighted in the screenshot to the right to expand the palette so that the files on the server are displayed on the left, and your local files are on the right.
  2. Click the “Connect to Remote Server” icon highlighted in the screenshot to the right to connect. If it’s successful, you will see a file listing on the left.
  3. To upload files, simply select the files you want to upload on the right, and press the blue “up” button on the toolbar, or right-click your selection, and choose Put.


Last Updated: October 8, 2017