The server is the ITS managed WordPress server.

  • To request space, please fill out the Website Assistance Request form (For officially recognized university academic unit, administrative unit, and auxiliary enterprises)


Account Eligibility

  • You must be requesting the space for an officially recognized university academic unit, administrative unit, auxiliary enterprise, or be an official affiliate of Mason.
  • You must have a valid Mason email address.
  • You must agree to the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Please note: Personal faculty sites, student websites, course blogs, and lab sites are not hosted on this server. DoIT offers WordPress Course Blogs. Student organizations and individual faculty and students are welcome to use, which is run by the Office of Student Media. OnMason should NOT be used for official University sites.

Available Software


  • Quota limits are enforced on this server
  • Quota defaults are 200 MB
  • If you are over quota on the server you will not be able to upload new or changed files. If you do try to upload it is possible to upload a 0KB file in place of your actual content. Please clean your website of any files that are not needed on your site. DO NOT archive old versions of files, these should be stored somewhere on your local computer, if needed.
  • You will receive an email notice when your group is approaching quota.
  • Special exceptions can be made, but we will require the site is cleaned before granting an exception. Email the webmaster to request an exception, include the server, file path of your directory and reason for increase.

Managed WordPress


Self-managed WordPress

Last Updated: January 21, 2018