Request a Virtual Host (Shorter Web Address)

A “virtual host” allows for the replacement of a long web address with one that is shorter and more descriptive. This helps users to remember web addresses more easily.

Any administrative unit, academic department, or university service with the exception of individual student organizations may request virtual hosts on servers maintained by the Information Technology Unit (ITS). The exception is due to the large number of student organizations and their non-permanent status.

A virtual host will be created so long as the name is not in conflict with one that already exists at the University. Names are approved and assigned on a first-requested, first-assigned basis and should reflect an appropriate name. A virtual host name can be denied at the discretion of the Mason Web Team.

All virtual host names will be in the form of OR The yourname part of the address can be specified by the unit or department.

Web addresses that end in “.com” or “.net” will not be hosted by ITS servers. A domain of “.org” can apply to be hosted, but the organization related to the “.org” site must purchase the rights to that name from a domain name registration company such as Requests for hosting “.org” domains on ITS servers can be denied at the discretion of the Mason Web Team.

Apply for a Virtual Host

To request a virtual host for, please fill out the Website Assistance Request form. If your site is NOT hosted on these web servers, please contact the administrator of the server in question or the ITS Support Center.

If the request is approved, the webmaster will notify the requestor when the virtual host is operational.

Note: No more than three virtual hosts per group, association, office or department will be permitted.

Last Updated: September 4, 2019